Painter, decorator, creative.
She was born in Alatri in 1980, lives and works in Italy.
After the academic degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 2005 she moved to Paris where she acquired an interest in mural painting and the decorative arts in general.
Specializes Ecole d'Art Mural de Versailles in "Peintre en Decor".
Work with the best decorators active in France, practicing decorative techniques between Paris and Versailles.
In 2010 she returned to Italy where he founded "MF Decors" creative workshop and exhibition gallery.

The artist creates and designs decorations for all types of environments, both private and public.
In decorum search the right combination of form, color and object.

She consider herself a painter even before a decorator.
Everything is considered and painted as a masterpiece.
She use mixed -oil, acrylics, enamels, murals, decorativi- the best brands on the market, and mixes up in the moment of creation.
From the palette she brings concept on canvas, paper and wall.
Draws inspiration from nature, where the landscape is only the origin of creation, starting point towards a figurative abstract. The reasons and the subjects become traditional forms and geometries unexpected.
Trees, leaves, flowers and buds give rise to a fantasy landscape, rich in symbolism.
Play of light and shadow, light and dark, red and white colors of autumn, yellow leaves and sky light after a storm ... create dreamlike visions transported into a room as genuine works of art.


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